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Following are the set of routinely performed activities in an organisation. Kindly TICK the activities that YOU perform on regular basis


1 Capital Building Activity
2 Getting into small Issues in office
3 Encouraging subordinates
4 Disburse salary & Incentives
5 Doing Recruitments
6 Buying office supplies and stationary
7 Drive the team
8 Eleventh hour requirements & changes
9 Making Payments – Vendor bills, Suppliers, Petty cash etc,
10 Keeping Eye on attendance
11 Analyzing and evaluating performance of employees.
12 Making travel arrangements, flight bookings
13 Making Cheques
14 Making strategic alliances & tie-ups
15 Daily Meetings
16 Creating Invoices
17 Upgrading capabilities of Team
18 Planning for expansion of Business
19 Keeping a track of daily targets
20 Checking Vouchers & Payments to be done.
21 Analyzing the strength of employees
22 Decide salaries
23 Encashing Opportunities
24 Creating a second line for future
25 Appraisal Meetings with employees
26 Formulating Job descriptions
27 Crucial decision making
28 Analyzing and understanding market demands
29 Explaining vision, Mission & Action plan to Employees
30 Customer service and satisfaction
31 Do Market research for investing Funds
32 Analyze Risks in Business
33 Core Team Review Meetings
34 Checking & Replying to Emails
35 Social Media Posting
36 Picking up majority of calls during office hours.
37 Making Quotations
38 Conflict Solving


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