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Satish A Villait


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He has worked with an extensive range of people including home makers, business makers, working people, students and industrialists. And has spoke to many homes and organizations.


Satish A Villait the founder & CEO of Bitsy Infotech Private Limited, Mumbai. A winning entrepreneur, training facilitator, and a success coach is how he is aptly described.
He also serves as a faculty at Smmart Training & Consultancy services Pvt Ltd.

Mr.Villait is a man with humbling experience of more than a decade in leadership development, human resource management, performance enhancement &coaching. He helps motivated, but overwhelmed entrepreneurs get the clarity, confidence, and tools they need to win at business and succeed at life.

Satish has also undergone face to face coaching with Santosh Nair, an eminent speaker & trainer, counted amongst topmost entrepreneurial coaches, who advises corporations across the globe.

Mr.Satish A Villait also has a background across wide peripherals including Senior Management. He thrives to empower the self-belief system, mutual trust, discipline and ownership, in order to transform ordinary people into great leaders.

Personally, a sports & fitness freak is what I would love to describe him as. Mr.Satish has also travelled more than half the world, that consist countries like, Korea, Thailand, Europe, Bali, Singapore, UAE, Bhutan, China, to name a few.

CEO of Bitsy Infotech quotes its core purpose as,” To enhance lives with our offerings and deliver pleasant experience”.

Career Contour:

  • Certified trainer from ‘Exponential Advisory ‘
  • Certified trainer from ‘Smmart Training & consultancy services Pvt Ltd.’
  • He was the Chapter Director of BNI (British Networking Inc.) & is currently an Ambassador
  • Awarded “The Best Delegation” Award in Management Studies
  • Satish is a Landmark Graduate and team leader
  • He leads Bitsy Infotech with a turnover of 31 Crores, which he started with no money in hand
  • Mr.Villait is a Marathon runner and has completed more than 1000 kms with 10/21kms Runs
  • Currently conducts business coaching batches throughout India
  • Academically he is an Engineering Graduate in Computers and also an MSCE
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