Joy Virus provides relationship mentoring, coaching and consulting shaped to fit the needs of individual clients, couples or families. We have experience helping clients feel better about themselves and their relationships with others. We offer services through a variety of techniques based on personal growth and development, and relationship/systems approaches.

People often begin to experience disconnection from their friends, coworkers, and partners due to communication problems, lack of understanding and acceptance, and external stressors. Joy Virus provides individuals and couples with communication tools to aid in restoring closeness, appreciation and support in their relationships. Our clients include people of all ages, and our services are based on the following beliefs:

Children and Adolescents:

We believe children and adolescents are resilient and have the ability to cope with and overcome challenging obstacles in building and maintaining healthy, positive relationships. We believe that given the tools and opportunity to master and understand their relationships, they will thrive.


We believe that our job is to listen, offer insightful feedback, and support you in moving forward with intention. We will celebrate your successes, acknowledge your challenges, and help you creatively strategize when you feel stuck. In order to succeed with relationships, you must know yourself, be willing to shift your thinking and follow the guidance of your inner wisdom.


We believe in the importance of personal relationships. We believe that relationships can improve even in difficult times. Marriage and significant other relationships require nurturing and attention. Through the use of constructive communication skills, couples can increase and maintain their level of intimacy and passion.


We believe in the strength of the family system. We believe that each individual family member plays an important role in a family’s dynamics and that positive change occurs when all members participate – working together toward a common goal.

Service offerings include:

  • Couples / family counseling
  • Relationship diagnostics
  • Dating advice
  • Relationship coaching
  • Problem resolution
  • Personal growth mentoring
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