Change Management

Why people don’t change?

Why do we resist change?

Why is changing so difficult?

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi.

All Change begins within!  Organizations leap to the next level when they adapt to change.

Organizations are run by people, and in organizations to bring about a massive change it is necessary that people lead the change.

Change is intimidating, change is difficult. But Change is the only constant.

Mr Amit Daga of  KC Textiles wanted to transit from their typical accounting software to an ERP based systems When he shared his intention with his people he faced a  lot of reluctance and resistance he felt demotivated and his intention to scale up his organization to a system driven organization failed that is when he went for this Change Management workshop and this is what he had to say
“ After the change management workshop not only ERP was successfully implemented but there was a drastic change in attitude , dressing , language , effectiveness and as a result productivity shot up by 28% “

If you feel your working pattern , your revenue , your belief system , your people , your product line is the same from past 1 year or more than that so that indicates its time to change

So act now , give up old ways of thinking your change is just a click away

The Change Management workshop by JoyVirus is the answer to these questions.

Similar actions give similar results. To achieve new results, a change is must.


Q.1 What will you learn at the change management workshop?

  1. Why Change is important?
  2. Why we don’t change?
  3. Unveil the 2 secrets that stop you from changing
  4. Thinking out of the box and leading change
  5. Making Change stick
  6. Adapting to change

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Q.2 What is the logistics of the Module ?

1 Full Day Workshop from 9AM -6PM
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Q.3 The Change Management workshop is best for:

  1. Business Owners
  2. Head of Departments
  3. Executives
  4. HR Managers
  5. Individuals who want to challenge status quo
  6. Your people

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