Leadership Workshop

Leadership Workshop – निडर हे लीडर

What does a great leader look like?

Do you feel you are the only leader in your division?

Does your subordinate have trouble following your instructions, or does he do his own thing?

The “Leadership in Action” workshop is an answer to all these questions.

“There are leaders around us with untapped potentials but the problem is we are not able to recognize their traits and exploit there potentials”

Only 2 % organization survived on Top 500 fortune companies ! one of them is GE , only because of LEADERSHIP

Dr. Chinmay Sahu, Ophthalmologist/ Eye Surgeon
“The leadership workshop was quite an ‘Eye opener’.  The thing that left a lasting impression on my mind was ‘Take the busyness out of business’. I learnt the importance of delegation and started grooming leaders in the organisation. Today, we have grown from a small clinic to a big hospital, my practice has grown at least 5 times and I have more time for myself and my family. Thank you Satish sir for everything.!!”

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”

― Peter F. Drucker


Q.1 What will this Workshop Cover?

  1. Who is a leader?
  2. Manager vs Leader – traits of an effective leader, his body language, communication, vision,etc.
  3. Language of a leader
  4. Stages of Leadership
  5. How to build leaders?

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Q.2 What is the logistics of the Module ?

1 Full day workshop from 9AM – 6PM

2 Full days workshop from 9AM – 6 PM
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Q.3 Who can attend this workshop?

  1. Business owners
  2. Head of Departments
  3. Individuals
  4. Executives & Managers
  5. Employees

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