Sales Sutra

Does your sale get stuck at “the price is too high”?

Are you the only efficient revenue earner in your company?

Is your staff unable to sell your innovation to the client like you do?

People have capability, people have the potential to sell and achieve the target, what they seriously lack is the art and science of selling. Sales can be a boring, long drawn and at times, a time-consuming process. However, if this process is turned into a fun activity it becomes interesting and results are achieved quicker. Sales Sutra Workshop is designed to train you and your sales team in such a way that selling becomes a fun activity. 

Selling a mobile is much different from selling a car, likewise buying a house and buying a TV is a different process. Both involve different sales cycle, one is a casual sale while other is a critical Sale.

How you sell and whom you sell to matters a lot in selling, Does the seller personality matter or does the buyer personality matter?

As much as the how and who matter, the most important question is Why?

Do you know the why of your selling? Sales Sutras Workshop answers these crucial questions for you.

Only 6 % of Sales People have the knowledge of how to sell.


Q.1 What does the Sales Sutras Workshop teach?

  1. Identify your perfect customer
  2. Identify your perfect market
  3. What do you know about your customer?
  4. 3 secret sutras to enhance your product, services
  5. How to handle customer objections
  6. Sense your customer needs by body language and way of speaking
  7. The magic formula to come out of price war

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Q.2 What is the logistics of the Module?

1 Full Day Workshop from 9AM – 6PM
2 Full days Workshop from 9AM – 6PM
3 Days residential Workshop
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Q.3 Who should enroll for the Sales Sutras Workshop?

  1. Business Owners
  2. Counter Salesperson
  3. On the Field Salesperson
  4. Tele-Sales Executives
  5. Sales Team
  6. Marketing Team

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Is the answer to these questions is a resounding YES, but you want to turn into a NO? The Sales Sutras Workshops is what you need to attend.

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